Existential forensic print

Printed on A0 paper this large pair of Screen Prints features my signature piece of screen printing that took four of the largest screens at Sunderland University print studio to produce! This image, taken from scanned and distorted graph paper formed the back drop to much of my work in 2007 (M.A. Final Show and books in Further Reading at The Lit & Phil). This is the only full version that was printed on paper. The rest were printed on canvas.

The undulating graph reminded me of radio waves, emitting light and sound for us to perceive. Graph paper itself signifies man's persistant attempts to quantify, measure and analyze all he finds. Without any prejudice it queries Modernism as a belief system and modern man's apparent arrogance despite his relatively tiny position in the universe. It also resembles a giant fingerprint which I liked for it gave connotations of God's touch, as in Michelangelo's Creation of Adam. It resonates therefore with both sides of an argument that is a contemporary preoccupation.

This piece was made towards my M.A. final show at Sunderland University, but was not exhibited until April 2008 at my solo show Play |> Pause|| at The Fishmarket in Northampton.

It will be sent rolled in a secure tube. It has a few minor marks on the reverse, but is the only edition of this work in the world.



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